About Us

RESTEN offers a great alternative for outdoor furniture.

Based in San Miguel de Allende, we offer many options for exterior decoration.

Our idea is to turn high quality artcraft into decorative, resistant and extremely comfortable outdoor furniture.

Our priority is the quality of our furniture and our service is based on working closely to the client so we can satisfy all its needs.

Our competitive advantage lies on the quality of our wood and the quality of the manufacturing, that way, the client can spend more time relaxing and less time fixing the furniture.

With its proper maintenance, this furniture can last you a lifetime!

We currently have a showroom in San Miguel de Allende and another one in Queretaro, Mexico. We have distributors in Florida and Texas and we ship anywhere in the USA.

*We are also concerned about the environment so we make sure our wood is sustainable. Tzalam is a tropical sustainable wood from the south of Mexico.


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