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About Us

RESTEN offers a great alternative for outdoor furniture. Established in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, we provide many options for beautiful exterior decoration.

Our idea is to turn high quality art craft into very decorative, resistant, and extremely comfortable high end outdoor furniture. This outdoor furniture is 100% resistant to weather conditions.

Our outdoor furniture is made with Tzalam, a tropical wood from the south of Mexico. This is one of the strongest woods available for outdoor furniture. The color of our furniture is the actual color of the wood, so the color will not fade with time.

Resten prioritizes on the quality of our furniture’s fabrication. Our furniture can be customized in order to meet the client’s needs. We know that our service along with the quality of the materials used gives RESTEN a product with a competitive edge.

*We are also concerned about the environment, and our outdoor furniture is environmentally friendly since the wood comes from the Tzalam, a tree that grows easily and abundantly with its own seeds.