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High End Lounge Chair

What do you consider to be a high-end product? What do you think should be considered as a high-end lounge chair? We specialize in the fabrication of high-end outdoor furniture so we definitely know what a high-end lounge chair looks like. There are certain characteristics that must be checked off from the “high-end requirements” list […]

High End Outdoor Furniture Brands

Anyone who is looking to decorate their house or outdoor space with great quality outdoor furniture should take a look at these high end outdoor furniture brands. Although none of these brands have tzalam furniture, they have really good furniture that can be another alternative for you. These are some of our favorite brands and […]

Handmade Furniture Ideas

One of the main advantages that we offer to our clients is the fact that we can do custom furniture. Handmade furniture ideas by designers or clients themselves are one option in case what the client is looking for is not in our catalog. Sometimes the client is looking for something very specific and sometimes, […]

Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

RESTEN provides a great alternative for hospitality outdoor furniture. We have great options, discounts and wholesale deals for hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, country clubs, or architects and interior designers working on new projects as well as renovations. Our intention is to make sure that your hotel or restaurant will not only look great and elegant […]

Handmade Outdoor Furniture

Handmade outdoor furniture, although it is not very common, has some great advantages and should be considered by every interior designer, architect or home owner looking for something unique! Our outdoor furniture is handmade and this makes it very special for various reasons: We Take Our Time We don’t produce huge quantities of furniture each […]

High End Outdoor Patio Furniture

High end outdoor patio furniture is what sets RESTEN apart from other outdoor furniture brands. Not every type of furniture can be considered “high end” and not because a piece of furniture is expensive can be considered high end either. Any product or service that is considered high end must have great quality and must […]

High Quality Outdoor Furniture

Furniture and anything related to interior design should be considered an investment. This is the number one reason why people should look to spend a little bit more in order to get great products that will make the investment worth it. High quality outdoor furniture is something that should be on top of any homeowner […]

What Is Tzalam?

Tzalam is a tropical wood that grows in the south of Mexico but it also grows in other tropical regions such as Central America, South Florida and the Bahamas. Although tzalam wood can have different types of color or tones, the most common color is a mixture between red and yellow, which ends up giving […]