These are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients. If you have a question and the answer does not appear here, please send an email to info@resten.net and we will be happy to answer it!

What type of wood do you use?

All our furniture is made with tzalam. Tzalam is a tropical wood from the south of Mexico and it is 100% weather resistant.

Are all the materials you use weather resistant?

Yes. Besides using tzalam, we use galvanized steel for the screws and also marine chord, which is the same type of chord used on boats.

Are you manufacturers?


Can you do custom sizes or custom designs?

Yes. Almost all our products can be made in any size. If you have a design that you would like us to manufacture, you can send us a picture with measurements and we will se if we can do it or not.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on order size and the final destination. We ship directly from San Miguel de Allende and we use different international shipping companies.

When is the shipping cost charged?

Shipping cost is charged before the order is shipped. The client can choose to either pay the shipping to us or pay directly to the shipping company.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns. If the client receives a damaged furniture piece, we can replace it with a new piece but it has to be the same model/product.

What are the maintenance instructions for this type of furniture?

We recommend applying some type of teak oil at least once a month. There are many brands but we can recommend Thompson Water Seal.

Tzalam wood is very strong but even strong wood needs maintenance.

Please see our maintenance instructions.

Do you offer any discount to designers or architects?

Yes, we do. Our prices on the website are retail prices and we can offer a discount if you are a designer, architect, hotel, restaurant, etc.

What is the lead time?

Usually, our lead time is between 6-7 weeks not including shipping time. However, it also depends on the size of the order or if we have a product in stock.

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