Handmade Furniture Ideas

One of the main advantages that we offer to our clients is the fact that we can do custom furniture. Handmade furniture ideas by designers or clients themselves are one option in case what the client is looking for is not in our catalog.

Sometimes the client is looking for something very specific and sometimes, for one reason or another, we don’t have that piece of furniture in our catalog.

One of our main objectives is to help designers and clients that want to decorate their outdoor space to find the perfect solution so they can find the right piece of quality furniture.

For this reason, if the client cannot find what he or she is looking for, they can send us an image or a sketch of the design they want and we will make it for them.

Also, we can do custom sizes. If the client is looking for a rectangular table of a certain size and that size is not listed in our catalog, that is no problem at all! We can make the furniture any size the client wants.

Something important worth mentioning ids that although we are more tan happy and willing to help the client with what he or she is exactly looking for, tzalam wood does not allow to make furniture with a lot of curves. Nevertheless, if this is the case, we can instead suggest the client and recommend another design that we can make.

Our mission is to work closely with the client to assure that we meet his or her needs.

We want to invite designers and clients to send us ideas or designs of furniture pieces that we currently don’t have in our catalog so we can make something unique, comfortable, decorative and high end.

The image below shows a custom made bar that we made for one of our clients in Mexico.

handmade furniture ideas