Handmade Outdoor Furniture

Handmade outdoor furniture, although it is not very common, has some great advantages and should be considered by every interior designer, architect or home owner looking for something unique!

Our outdoor furniture is handmade and this makes it very special for various reasons:

We Take Our Time

We don’t produce huge quantities of furniture each year like many Asian manufacturers.

We prefer to take our time to manufacture our furniture because we have our client in mind. We want to make sure the client is amazed when he receives his furniture. Also, since it is all handmade, it could be said that if you bought furniture from us, your furniture is one of a kind.

It’s An Art craft

We consider our furniture to be a Mexican art craft, because that’s what it is.

All our furniture is handmade by Mexican artisans that take the necessary time to make the furniture look the way it looks; from cutting and sanding the wood to putting the pieces of wood together using marine chord, each item is done one at a time.

This is why our lead-time is usually longer that other manufacturers; because we want to make sure that the furniture YOU bought is PERFECT and UNIQUE.

Custom Made

 Another advantage of handmade furniture is that this allows us to work closely with he client by helping him or her decide which size would be best for the space he or she is working on.

Also, if the client has a certain design in mind that we don’t have on our catalog, we can also make it especially for him or her!

More Value

 All of these factors make our outdoor furniture more valuable: high end, resistant, great designs, and great quality of work.

Our handmade outdoor furniture is elegant, decorative and extremely comfortable!