Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

RESTEN provides a great alternative for hospitality outdoor furniture.

We have great options, discounts and wholesale deals for hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, country clubs, or architects and interior designers working on new projects as well as renovations.

Our intention is to make sure that your hotel or restaurant will not only look great and elegant but that it will be inviting and it will make your guests experience quality, luxury, and comfort.

Any place that is committed to bringing quality service and a great experience for their guests or visitors should have in mind the importance of having great decoration that completes and enhances the overall guest experience.

Having quality outdoor furniture is one way that your guests will leave your hotel or restaurant with a good impression and it is more likely that your place will be recommended to others if the furniture and decoration provide a luxury experience that makes the customer want to come visit again.

RESTEN offers many options to make sure your outdoor space is complete; high end lounge chairs for the pools, hammocks for relaxation, decorative items and dining sets for your patio areas, we can guarantee that you will find what your hotel or restaurant need in order to make sure that your outdoor space not only looks great but it also is inviting and comfortable; the true meaning of hospitality.

We can also work on custom designs and custom sizes to make sure that your outdoor space will look exactly the way you want it to look.

Another great advantage of decorating your space with our furniture is that will be a great investment; instead of buying less expensive teak or wicker furniture that will need to be replaced in 5 years or less, you can spend a little more and get some great looking outdoor furniture that will last you a very long time!

Please ask for our wholesale catalog and let our high end outdoor furniture provide luxury and comfort to enhance the overall image of your hotel, restaurant, or patio area!