Maintenance Instructions

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Maintenance Instructions

  • Introduction

Our furniture is designed for exterior purposes. This furniture is resistant to any type of weather. Nevertheless, Resten recommends following these simple instructions and guidelines so your furniture can live longer and they can always look their best!

  • Protection

Even though the Tzalam is a very resistant type of wood, it is important to apply some kind of product that protects it so the furniture can have a long life. There are several products that will do the job and they can easily be found in a hardware store. There are different brands with the different prices but only those that are wax based will work.

  • How to Apply

Applying these wax based products is very simple. You just need to pour some of this product over a small cloth and then clean the entire furniture. Once this has been done, the furniture should be allowed to dry for a couple of hours.

  • Frequency

This product should be applied once a month. Not every climate is the same, therefore, the owner of the furniture can make the decision of how frequent should the product be applied.

In humid places where it rains often, the furniture should be covered so it can be even more protected.

*NOTE: If with the pass of time the product starts to lose some of its natural color, Resten recommends sanding the product with very thin sandpaper. The product should be applied again once a month. Its natural color will come back and it will look brand new.



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