What Is Tzalam?

Tzalam is a tropical wood that grows in the south of Mexico but it also grows in other tropical regions such as Central America, South Florida and the Bahamas.

Although tzalam wood can have different types of color or tones, the most common color is a mixture between red and yellow, which ends up giving the furniture a cinnamon like color/tone.

Tzalam is a very heavy and dense wood, which means that making furniture using this type of wood is not that simple since it requires a lot of manual labor. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make beautiful furniture with this type of wood.

One of the few disadvantages of tzalam is that the branches of the tzalam tree are very thin, which means that it is very complicated to make furniture that has a lot of curves.

A very important feature of this wood is the fact that during its growing process, the tzalam tree throws seeds around its circumference which allows other tzalam trees to grow in the same area. This is why tzalam wood can be considered as “sustainable”.  The tzalam tree plays a very important role in areas where the soil has been damaged or burnt since its enriches the soil with nitrogen.

Tzalam wood is so strong and resistant to weather conditions, water, and humidity, that lately, many docks in Mexico have been built with tzalam,

Tzalam wood doesn’t lose its color the same way teak or other types of woods used for outdoor furniture do.

It is said that tzalam has a warranty of at least 10 years, which means that with proper maintenance, this furniture can maintain its color and quality for 10 years or more!