Download our Warranty Policy.

Warranty Policy

Dear customer:

Resten thanks you for your trust and your preference for our product. To make this warranty policy valid, it is important for you to read the “Maintenance Instructions” document and any other document included with your purchase.

Warranty Policy Coverage:

  1. This warranty covers the product’s replacement. The returned product will ONLY be replaced with the exact same product.
  2. The warranty becomes valid from the day the purchase is done, which it is shown on the customer’s receipt.
  3. If the old product is replaced, the new product will have the same warranty conditions.
  4. This warranty has a one-year validity period from the day of purchase.

Effective warranty conditions:

  1. Receipt of proof of purchase.
  2. This warranty is only valid for the original customer who purchased the product.
  3. The product’s tags must be saved in order to identify the product.
  4. Contact Resten’s Customer Service department.

Invalid warranty conditions:

  1. Expired warranty.
  2. Not following the directions stated on the “Maintenance Instructions” document.
  3. Product’s natural wear.
  4. Inadequate product’s use.
  5. When the product has been used by a third party.
  6. When the product has been damaged, as in the following examples:
  7. Using the product in an environment with bad conditions.
  8. When the product has been stained.
  9. Deterioration caused by devices that radiate heat.
  10. Damages caused during transportation or shipment of the product.



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