What is Tzalam?

Tzalam is the ideal wood for outdoor furniture.

Tzalam is a tropical wood that grows in the southeast region of Mexico and it can also be found in some places in Central America.

There are different tones of color within this wood, but most of the tones are reddish/bown.

One of the few disadtvanatages of tzalam is that the branches of the tzalam tree are very thin, making it very hard to make furniture pieces with a lot of curves.

Tzalam tree is a sustainable tree, since it is similar to the jacaranda. As it grows, it drop seeds around the area so more trees can grow.

Tzalam wood is so resistant to outdoors and different climate conditions that many docks in Mexico are being built with tzalam.

Tzalam is much stronger than teak and with proper maintenance, furniture made with tzalam can last you a very long time.



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